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Protective Sheets & Drapes

BLUFENZ is a Germ free textile product designed for hospital linens, pillows, drapes, blankets, scrubs and uniforms.

BLUFENZ has a kill rate of 99.99% against opportunistic pathogens including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans & Asperigillus brasiliensis. The unique anti-microbial shield is permanently bonded to the product and is effective against MRSA.

Best in Class Protection

Traditional textile products used in hospitals accumulate BioBurden of over 150 CFU/100 in a period of 12 hours, putting the patients at risk of infection. BLUFENZ maintains a BioBurden of less than 20 CFU/100 round the clock with its active anti-microbial activity.

  • Anti-Microbial

    The anti-microbial property is permanently bonded and is durable for multiple washes.

  • Germ Free

    The Bio burden of the product at any given time is less than 20 CFU/100 The product thus acts a s a barrier for any pathogen and keeps the surface germ free.

  • Cost Efficient

    Blufenz consumes less water, energy and chemicals for washing when compared to traditional linens providing a cost efficient laundry process.

  • Strength & Durability

    The linens provide a capability of lifting patients upto 200Kg and have a higher bursting strength. This inherent design provides a longer life cycle for the product.

BLUFENZ Pillows Stain Resistant & Antimicrobial

A pillow gets stained when body fluids enter. A stained pillow not only looks dirty but also is a big source for infection. A study conducted recently claims that around 40% pillows at hospitals are culture positive with Acinetobacter. BLUFENZ pillows are designed to resist stains avoiding moisture build up. The fibers inside the pillow have the same permanently bonded anti-microbial property that continues to keep the BIO-BURDEN to a safe level.



Operational Cost Savings.

We understand that a true value addition of a product is achieved when the features address patient care as well as reduce the cost of operations. BLUFENZ is engineered to consume 35% less water & chemicals as well as dry 3 times faster than conventional linens. This in turn gives upto 35% operational cost in terms of energy, water and detergent chemicals. Further, the tensile strength of BLUFENZ is atleast 50% higher than the conventional linens in the market and provides longer durability of use.

BLUFENZ is currently available in the form of linens, pillows, pillow covers & blankets. The product can be made available for other uses such as absorbent terry towels, curtains. drapes, patient apparels, scrubs and doctor coats.

S.No Product Description Size Colors
1 BLUFENZ Linen Antimicrobial Linen (Poly cotton) 60 x 100 in White, Blue
2 BLUFENZ Pillow Antimicrobial & Stain Resistant Pillows 20 x 24 in White
3 BLUFENZ Pilllow Cover Antimicrobial Pillow Cover 21 x 27 in White, Blue
5 BLUFENZ Blanket Antimicrobial Medium Blanket 60 x 100 in Blue, Brown, Pink, Cream


  • Why is Germ control in Bed linens so important?

    Germ control is important for patients who are susceptible for a secondary infection. Hospital beds, linens and pillows are reusable products and hence may carry heavy microbial load. BLUFENZ technology eliminates microbial load continously and acts as a barrier for microbes .

  • Can Pressure ulcers/Bed sores be prevented using BLUFENZ?

    Pressure ulcers/Bed sores are formed when a patient is lying in the same position for a long time. The skin that is in contact with the bed surface can get damaged. Once the skin gets damaged, the wound opening leads to infection. BLUFENZ acts as a barrier for these pathogens and prevents the wound getting septic and thus it can help prevent infections on bed sores. For best protection, use BLUFENZ linen on Pressure alternating beds such as Air/Water beds to prevent Bed sores.

  • Can BLUFENZ be used for regular people?

    A Germ free linen and pillow will help prevent Bio burden build up. BLUFENZ is highly recommended for people with allergies, acme and asthma.

  • How long does the Anti-microbial efficacy last?

    The anti-microbial efficacy is permanently bonded and does not deplete in its efficieny. BLUFENZ has been tested effective for more than 100 washes under the labeled washing instructions.

Learn more about the permanent anti-microbial property of BLUFENZ and its efficacy over different microbes

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