ECO AIRMASK is a Self Sanitizing & Reusable filtration mask (N95 Equivalent) designed to protect from Viruses, Bacteria & harmful pollutants

  • Designed for HealthCare Providers and General Public
  • Best in Class Filtration (>95%) for Viruses, Bacteria and PM 2.5 Particles
  • Self Sanitizing Germ Free Mask. Kills 99% of SARS-Cov2 Virus
  • ECO Friendly Mask with long lasting durability & Multiple Wash cycles
  • Exhalation Valve allows easy breathing
  • Soft Elastic Ear loops & adjustable nose bridge for a comfortable fit
  • Made of stretchable fabric to accommodate all sizes & age groups
  • Tested at NELSON LABS & RGCB

CareNow ECO AIRMASK is a filtration innovation at its best. Its unique, 5-layer antimicrobial cloth mask blocks out more than 99% of Viruses, 99% of PM 2.5  particulate matter, 99% of Bacteria and instantly kills infection-causing germs (Self Sanitizing)—all in an advanced,breathable, hypoallergenic design chosen for your comfort and fashion. The adjustable ear loops and nose bridge enables comfort fit for all age groups.


Filters and Kills Viruses including SARS-CoV2 Corona Virus

ECO AIRMASK was tested for Anti-Viral Efficacy at RGCB, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India for efficacy against SARS CoV2 Corona Virus for S and R Gene. ECO AIRMASK Anti-microbial fabric has a kill efficacy of 99% under 60 minutes according to IS 18184 protocol.

ECO AIRMASK and ECO AIRMASK PRO are designed for effective filtration, self sanitization, comfort and economical viability. ECO AIRMASK comes with an exhalation Valve and is meant for General Public use including Front Line providers. It comes with a Deactivation Cap for closing the exhalation valve while inside a Healthcare Setting. ECO AIRMASK PRO is designed for Healthcare Providers for use in a Hospital including Clinical and Surgical Setting. It can be Autoclaved for Sterile Usage inside Operating Theater. Both Masks are tested for all functionalities including filtration


  • Filtration Efficiency of 99.9% for Bacteria, 98.96% for Virus, 99.5% for Particulates
  • Outer Mask layer is Resistant to droplets and bodily fluids .
  • Inner Layer of the Mask comes with absorption properties to absorb perspiration
  • A permanently bonded Anti-microbial shield provides continuous killing of bacteria and Virus

Kills Bacteria and Viruses

ECO AIRMASK is made of a novel patented technology consisting of a Microbicidal material of inner and outer layers that continuously inhibits the growth of microbes including Bacteria, fungi and Viruses. The anti-microbial technology is non leaching and durable throughout wash cycles. ECO AIRMASK PRO has a kill rate of 99.99% against bacteria and fungi as well as encapsulated virus. It is tested for killing SARS-CoV2 virus.

The technology of microbicidal layers consists of positively charged cationic sites with carbon atoms that attract and disrupt cell wall of micro-organisms.

Fit & Fabric Properties

ECO AIRMASK is made of an Outer layer and Inner Layer Knitted fabric that is stretchable for a Comfort Fit. The Open loops have a length of 30cm that can be tied around the head. A Nose clip is provided to adjust the coverage for snug fit and to avoid leakages. The outer layer is also treated for Anti-microbial effectiveness, Flame Retardancy and Resistance to Fluid penetration. The inner layer that comes in contact with skin is made with properties of absorption and anti-microbial efficacy.


Test Description




Tested by



Anti-Viral Efficacy of SARS-CoV2 (COVID 19)

ISO 18184

99% Kill under 4 hours

99% Kill rate under 2 hours




Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE)

ASTM F2299

≥ 95%

(Min=99.92%, Max=99.98%)

Nelson Labs



Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)

ASTM F2101

≥ 95%

(Min=98.3%, Max=99.9%)

Nelson Labs



Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE)

ASTM F2101

≥ 95%

(Min=98.2%, Max=99.4%)

Nelson Labs



Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance

ASTM F1862

≥ 16 kPa at 160mmHg

Penetration not seen

Nelson Labs



Inhalation Resistance

42 CFR Part 84.180

≤ 35 mm H2O

6.83 mm H2O

Nelson Labs



Exhalation Resistance

42 CFR Part 84.180

≤ 25 mm H2O

6.1 mm H2O

Nelson Labs



Breathability (Delta P)

ASTM F2100-19

≤ 60 Pa/cm2

58.1 Pa/cm2

Nelson Labs



Anti-Microbial Testing


S ≥ 2.0

S ≥ 5.76

99.99% Log reduction





  • What are the intended use of CareNow AIRMASK?

    ECO AIRMASK is intended for use for General Public, Frontline Health Providers, Police/Security Officials, Military, Ambulatory Providers, Public Transport Officials. 

    ECO AIRMASK PRO is intended for use by HealthCare Providers.

  • Can we use ECO AIRMASK PRO in a Surgical Setup?

    ECO AIRMASK PRO is designed for functionality, safety and ECO friendliness. It is intended for use as a Surgical Mask in a Healthcare setting for providers and associated staff. ECO AIRMASK PRO is  autoclavable for use in a Sterile Zone such as Operating Theaters. In a non sterile usage, ECO AIRMASK PRO can be washed using normal water and soap and dried indoors.

  • Is it allowed to use a Mask with Valve?

    A Mask with a valve is allowed to be used outside of Healthcare Setup such as hospitals. For all normal activities, the exhalation valve provides very good breathing comfortability. We provide a Deactivation Cap with ECO AIRMASK so that you can close the valve when you are in Healthcare setup

  • Why is ECO AIRMASK different from other Cloth based filtration Mask?

    Breathability is as important as good filtration. ECO AIRMASK has been tested for all the parameters of filtration and breathability as per US FDA standards by Nelson Labs of America. Further, all Reusable and disposable mask will have germ build up over a period of time. ECO AIRMASK's Anti-microbial feature will help eliminate bacteria and virus and help keep the mask odor free

  • How does ECO AIRMASK handle perspiration when we talk?

    The inner layer of the mask that is in contact with the skin has properties of absorption. This helps in absorbing vapor and perspiration of the user while using the mask. This gives maximum comfort for the user.

  • What happens when somebody is sneezing in the room. Will ECO AIRMASK protect me ?

    The outer layer of ECO AIRMASK has a resistance to repel liquids. This helps in splash protection from bodily fluids such as sneezing, blood and other liquid particulates from getting absorbed by the mask. Please see the test results of Synthetic blood penetration

  • Does ECO AIRMASK fit all face sizes ?

    We have three different sizes (Size 17- Children and Petite adults, Size 19 - For all adults of medium built, Size 21- For all adults of Large/XL built). ECO AIRMASK fits most adults and children above 10 years. The product has been used by Asians, Caucasians, Africans and Europeans. The Mask is made of knitted fabric to have stretchability in all directions. The ear loops/tie are fully integrated with the mask body to ensure proper fit and avoid air leakages. A nose bridge is also provided to ensure the user does not have fogging on glasses.

  • How long does the Anti-microbial efficacy last?

    The anti-microbial efficacy is permanently bonded and does not deplete in its efficieny. ECO AIRMASK has been tested effective for more than 100 washes under the labeled washing instructions.

  • How to wash?

    A simple wash at your sink with normal soap will keep the AIRMASK Clean. Since the mask is made of Microbicidal technology, there is no need for any disinfectants to be used. Indoor Drying will help in longer durability of the product.

ECO AIRMASK is made of BLUFENZ technology of CareNow. The science behind BLUFENZ is a unique antimicrobial technology that provides a barrier of protection which is highly effective and everlasting through the life of the fabric. An antimicrobial shield is formed by a long molecular chain of carbon atoms with a +vely charged to a Silica Atom & bonded to the fabric. Pathogen, which are -vely charged comes in contact with the +vely charged molecular chain & undergoes lysis. This mechanism provides continuous defense achieving anti-microbial activity and does not deplete over washes.Learn more about the permanent anti-microbial property of BLUFENZ and its efficacy over different microbes