Incontinence Care & Body Bathing Wipes

ECO Comfort Wipes

Best Choice for Adult Incontinence Care
“A refreshing feeling in itself is a sense of healing”

Conatining an anstispetic formula with Benzalkonium Chloride as well as skin conditioners of Aloe Vera, ECO
Comfort provides protection against any infection while the soft disposable cloths avoids skin tear while cleansing
and wiping the body of a patient.

Convenient replacement for the traditional methods of bathing using sponge, preparation bowls, washcloths,
soap, hot water, lotions and drying, ECO Comfort provides a cost effective alternative reducing nursing time and
laundry bills.

ECO Comfort are disposable antiseptic wipes used for Incontinence Care while changing diapers as well as for
cleaning the bed ridden patients.

  • Disposable skin cleansing and protecting wipes
  • Alcohol free and skin friendly formulation
  • Soft and high absorbency wipes provides soothing application on skin while avoiding skin tears.
  • Microwavable for a hot bath
S.No Product Name Product Code Description Packaging/Cart on
1 ECO Comfort 5 pcs CMPL 27/LC80 10 Wipes of size 24 x 30cm 100 Packs
2 ECO Comfort 10 pcs CMPL 27/LC50 10 Wipes of size 24 x 30cm 48 Packs