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CareNow Medical Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of health and hygiene related products. Our mission is to provide solutions that prevents illness due to infections.
Our products are marketed in Institutions such as Healthcare facilities, Pharma & Food manufacturing Industries as well as to Relief agencies where infection control and hygiene are critical. Our products are manufactured in a hygienic environment with the state of the art lab and manufacturing equipment. We also have a research and development team that continuously focuses on product development to meet the various customer needs. Our team consists of highly talented staff including pharmacists, chemists, chemical engineers, textile engineers, medical device industry veterans, technicians and skilled labor for the manufacturing and testing of our products.

CareNow is a registered unit under India Drug & Cosmetics body. We are a member exporter of Pharma Export Council of India and are an active exporter of our products to North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asian countries.