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We are an innovator and manufacturer of Persistent Anti-microbial products for Infection Control. Our products include anti-microbial Oral Hygiene, Patient Bathing Wipes, Incision Cleansing Swabs/Wipes, Advanced Wound Dressing, Hand Hygiene solutions, Surface Disinfection Wipes, Self Disinfecting Textiles including Protective Sheets, AIRMASK, Reusable Sanitary pads and others that help improve hygiene and prevent infections.

COVID-19 Prevention

Solutions from CareNow

CareNow Medical Pvt Ltd offers a wide variety of innovative solutions for preventing COVID-19. Our products include Theruptor Handrub for Hand Hygiene, CareNow AIRMASK-N95 Equivalent Filtration in a Reusable Mask and Alcohol Free Surface Disinfection Wipes.


Self Sanitizing Reusable Filtration Mask

CareNow AIRMASK is a Reusable Filtration Mask designed for fashion and safety of protection against Virus, Bacteria and Pollutants. The filtration capabilities include Bacteria (>95%), PM2.5(>98%) and Bacteriophage Virus( 99.9%). CareNow AIRMASK is a 4 Layered mask with an Antimicrobial property on the outer layer and inner layers for a Germ Free Experience.

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Theruptor Handrub

Anti-microbial Hand Hygiene

CareNow Theruptor Handrub offers hand hygiene solutions with a formulation of Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Alcohol that provides the best protection against Micro-organisms. Chlorhexidine Glcuonate with Alcohol has been studied for viral kill activity against eneveloped viruses including SARS-Cov2

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ECO Protect Wipes

Quat Based Surface Disinfection Wipes

ECO Protect Quat Surface Disinfectant Wipes are Medical Grade Disinfectant for Device Cleaning and Protecting. It can be ussed on hard nonporous surfaces of Patient Beds, Machines, stretchers, tables, cabinets, carts, granite counters, exam table, office furnitures and others

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