Fashion with Functionality
CareNow AIRMASK is a Self Sanitizing & Reusable filtration mask designed to protect from Viruses, Bacteria & harmful pollutants

  • Best in Class Filtration for Viruses, Bacteria and PM 2.5 Particles
  • Self Sanitizing Germ Free Mask
  • ECO Friendly Mask with long lasting durability & Multiple Wash cycles
  • Exhalation Valve allows easy breathing
  • Soft Elastic Ear loops & adjustable nose bridge for a comfortable fit
  • Made of stretchable fabric to accommodate all sizes & age groups

CareNow AIRMASK is a filtration innovation at its best. Its unique, 5-layer antimicrobial cloth mask blocks out more than 99.9% of Viruses, 98% of PM 2.5  particulate matter, 95% of Bacteria and instantly kills infection-causing germs (Self Sanitizing)—all in an advanced,breathable, hypoallergenic design chosen for your comfort and fashion. The adjustable ear loops and nose bridge enables comfort fit for all age groups.


Filters Viruses including Corona

CareNow AIRMASK meets a wide range of tests to ensure effective filtration, anti-microbial activity, exhalation and durability. SARS-Cov2 virus which is responsible for COVID-19 has a size of 150nm. CareNow AIRMASK has been tested for 60nm Viruses(Bacteriophages) at 99.9% filtration

CareNow AIRMASK is a Reusable Multi layered (5) Filtration Mask. It is lab tested to ensure unparalleled quality and effectively protect you from any particulate life throws your way, ranging from bacteria, viurses, dust & particulate matters. The filtration of mask is achieved using Diffusion, Interception & Impaction.


  • 99.9% Virus filtration Efficiency
  • 98% Particluate Filtration Efficiency at 300nm
  • 95% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency


CareNow AIRMASK is intended for use by General Public in a non healthcare settings including Police, Security officials, Transport Service providers & others. It is also used as source control by HCPs( Health Care Professionals) in healthcare settings to help prevent the spread of infection or illnes during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not intended to be used as a respirator or in such clinical setting where the risk level of infection through fluids or inhalation exposure is high. Each mask is intended for use by one person only and must not be shared. See instructions for use and cleaning, provided separately.

CareNow AIRMASK is made of BLUFENZ technology of CareNow. The science behind BLUFENZ is a unique antimicrobial technology that provides a barrier of protection which is highly effective and everlasting through the life of the fabric. An antimicrobial shield is formed by a long molecular chain of carbon atoms with a +vely charged to a Silica Atom & bonded to the fabric. Pathogen, which are -vely charged comes in contact with the +vely charged molecular chain & undergoes lysis. This mechanism provides continuous defense achieving anti-microbial activity and does not deplete over washes.

S.No Description of Test Standards Used Results
1 Antimicrobial Effectiveness using Bacteria JISL 1902:2008 Antimicrobial efficiency achieved 99.99% protection
2 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Test ASTM F-2101 Achieved good performance of 95% and above filtration.
3 Particulate Filtration Efficiency at 0.3 Microns ASTM F2299/F2299M-03:2010 Achieved good performance of 98% and above.
4. Viral Filtration Efficiency Tested on Bacteriophage phi x (ATCC 13706) SITRA-Method Achieved good performance of 99.9% and above.
5. Durability - Wash Cycles Testing and Anti-microbial Testing ASTM-E-2315 Achieved good performance of Anti-microbial activity of 99.99% for 100 wash cycles



  • What are the intended use of CareNow AIRMASK?

    CareNow AIRMASK is intended for use for General Public, Frontline Health Providers, Police/Security Officials, Military, Ambulatory Providers, Public Transport Officials. It is not intended to be used for Surgical purpose inside an Operating Room or ICU .

  • Can we use AIRMASK in a Surgical Setup?

    According to FDA rules, for a surgical setup, a one time use product is only preferred. Further, an exhalation valve for a surgical setup is not recommended. CareNow is developing CareNow HealthMASK which is similar to AIRMASK without Valve. Further the HealthMask will be splash proof, Autoclaveable and Fire retardant with added safety. CareNow HealthMASK will be NIOSH Certified

  • How long does the Anti-microbial efficacy last?

    The anti-microbial efficacy is permanently bonded and does not deplete in its efficieny. AIRMASK has been tested effective for more than 100 washes under the labeled washing instructions.

  • How to wash?

    A simple wash at your sink with normal soap will keep the AIRMASK Clean. Since the mask is made of Microbicidal technology, there is no need for any disinfectants to be used. Indoor Drying will help in longer durability of the product.


Learn more about the permanent anti-microbial property of BLUFENZ and its efficacy over different microbes