Anti-Microbial, Reusable, Durable

Anti Microbial Uniforms

Germ Free Doctors coats that provide complete protection from infections

A Doctor is frequented by a lot of patients and it is more than likely that their coats become a carrier of germs. This puts the provider and the patients at risk of cross contamination and infection. BLUFENZ Doctor coats provide an active anti-microbial protection that works round the clock and provides a barrier against bacteria and pathogens by inhibiting their growth. They are available in stylish premium white color in different sizes( 36,38,40 & 42) with variants of Tall and long length.

Designed with a fashion quotient, BLUFENZ Doctor coats are ant-microbial in nature and provide protection against opportunistic pathogens

  • 99.99% Germ Protection
  • Comfortable Wear with Ergonomic Design
  • Four-button closure
  • Side slits for pant-pocket access
  • Two front patch pockets, one left chest pocket

99.99 % Germ Protection

BLUFENZ Doctor coats are designed on the unique platform of anti-microbial technology which provides a continuous protection against opportunistic pathogens. The permanently bonded anti-microbial property kills the microbes continuously and maintains a BIO BURDEN of less than 20 CFU/100 Apart from the anti-microbial protection, the product provides a fashionable and stylish design that carries ergonomic pockets and comfortable wear. The doctors coat are highly durable and withstand more than 100 washes.

BLUFENZ technology has been applied to different products to provide a germ free experience. Apart from hospital based reusable products, the BLUFENZ technology has been applied to several other products including Cleanroom wear, Reusable Sanitary Napkins and Airmasks.

Learn more about the permanent anti-microbial property of BLUFENZ and its efficacy over different microbes

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