Introducing a Holistic approach for Infection Control

Essentials Patient Hygiene Kit

A kit that contains a comprehensive care for the patient

Eco Bath Protect Wipes, Perio Protect 30ml mouth wash with 3 Disposable Swabs, Theruptor HandRub 50ml, Theruptor Prep CHG IPA Wipes, Theruptor IV Dressing.

  • Patient Bathing Solution
  • Oral Care Solution for Ventilator assited patients
  • Hand Hygiene for Bath Patients and health care providers
  • Protection for IV Center Line Catheter Incision and Urinary Incision and dialysis Catheter Incisions
  • Adhesive IV Cannula Fixator Dressing with PREP Pad And reinforcing tape
S.No Product Name Packaging Essentials ICU Kit Essentials VAP Kit Essentials POSTOP Kit
1 Eco Bath Protect Wipes Large/Extra Large 1 pack(10 wipes) Yes Yes Yes
2 Perio Protect -Mouth wash 30ml Bottle with 3 Disposable Swabs Yes Yes No
3 Theruptor Handrub 50ml Bottle Yes No Yes
4 Theruptor Prep CHG IPA Wipes 2 Sachets Yes Yes Yes
5 Theruptor IV Dressing Kit Alcohol PREP PAD+Cannula Fixator Yes Yes Yes